More Repeating Options

In the latest update, you can find two new powerful additions to repeating options, namely:

  • Repeat a set number of times - eg Repeat only 12 times
  • Repeat until a specific date

If you choose either of these two new options, the transaction will stop repeating when it repeated the set number of times or when reaching the end date.


One Page To Manage Them All

Previously, there was no central hub to access all your Repeating Items, which can get a little cumbersome when you have too many going on at once.

To re-cap, these are the many types of transactions/reminders that can Expense IQ can repeat:

  • Expenses
  • Income
  • Bills - Payable / Receivable / Transfers
  • Transfers

So we added a section to see ALL your Repeating Items with quick and useful summaries!

To access it, simply slide open the navigation drawer and tap on "Repeating Items".


More Than Just a Summary


On top of providing a handy summary, you can also tap on each card to view all transactions created by that Repeating Item as well as stop it if you no longer need it. Items are sorted according to their type in the different tabs, so you can find any repeating item very easily.

Read More: Learn more and read tips on our Repeating Items Guide.

Awesome! I want it now!

Sure! Simply update Expense IQ to the latest version on Google Play and you should be able to manage all your Repeating Items with ease!

Note: If you do not see the update, try closing and re-launching Google Play or wait a few hours.


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