What are Projects?

Many expense management apps are built with old-school bookkeeping in mind and do not utilize the full power and efficiency of smart devices.

Sometimes you just want to be able to group transactions from different categories together without ending up with new one-use accounts or fiddling with unnecessarily complex solutions.

Expense IQ seeks to change that.

Introducing "Projects" - a simple, powerful way to consolidate, review and analyze special sets of transactions when you need them.

The Projects section also comes integrated with the useful tools already found in Expense IQ:

  • Set a budget to the Project

  • Generate reports like Project Expenses by Category etc

  • Supports all currencies

  • Customize each Project's icon color

In addition, you can mark a Project as complete and it will be moved from the "On-going" tab to the "Completed" tab.


What can I use it for?

Up to your creativity! Anything that you would like to group income/expense transactions for, especially events that encapsulate different categories. Here are some to get you started:

  • Travel expenses - record all your expenses during a trip and easily refer to them after the trip
  • Preparing for a birthday bash or wedding party - set all your food, decorations, presents, transport expenses to a Project and make sure you keep within the budget
  • New Home - Moving to a new home requires spending on fuel, movers, renovation and new furniture usually. Set a budget and don't spend more than required!

When is it available?

Now! Update your app to the latest version and you should be able to find the new Projects section in your navigation drawer!