Introducing the
"Add Favorite Transactions" Card

No matter how much our spending pattern differ, there will be some similarities. One of them is that there will undoubtedly be some transactions that repeat and we have to add often. For these transactions that occur way more often than some others, we want to save some taps and make them much more convenient to add.

This time, we made daily transactions even quicker and easier - introducing a new card to the Overview page: "Add Favorite Transactions"!


Just one tap to access your most frequent transactions

Currently, the card shows the 4 most common transactions that you have been adding often recently.

Tapping on the respective Payee/Item icon in the new card lets you automatically:

  • fill in the Payee/Item field
  • fill in the amount/price/cost with Expense IQ's smart learning technology
  • set the category

All fields can still be edited as per normal - if you do not need to edit them, simply tap Save and you're done!

Read More: Personalizing your Overview (re-arrange cards and turn them on/off).

Personalize your Overview screen!

Personalize your Overview screen!


When can I get this?

It's already out on Google Play! Simply update your app to the latest version and you should see it appear on your Overview!