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New Simplified Design For Quick Entry of Expenses and Bills

New Simplified Design For Quick Entry of Expenses and Bills

The screen we interact with the most on a day-to-day basis is no doubt the New Entry screens (eg Add Expense/Income).

We want to improve your experience and shave precious seconds off adding transactions, so you can continue doing the important stuff while still keeping on top of your expenses.

The main driving forces behind the improvement design - ease of use, priority flow, consistency and responsiveness.

But jargons are dry and boring, so read on for some screenshots!

[Update] A Quicker Way To Add Favorite Transactions

No matter how much our spending pattern differ, there will be some similarities. One of them is that there will undoubtedly be some transactions that repeat and we have to add often. For these transactions that occur way more often than some others, we want to save some taps and make them much more convenient to add. This time, we made daily transactions even quicker and easier - introducing a new card to the Overview page: "Add Favorite Transactions"!

Click to read more about this nifty little Overview Card.

[Update] Enhanced Repeating Options & Management

Previously, there was no central hub to access all your Repeating Items, which can get a little cumbersome when you have too many going on at once.

So we added a single page to see ALL your Repeating Items with quick and useful summaries for each!

In addition, new repeat options! Set to "repeat only 12 times" or repeat until a certain date!

Click to learn more about the various major enhancements to an already powerful repeating system.