Fingerprint Support, Notification Widget, Hide Accounts and more!

In the latest update of Expense IQ (v2.0.4+), your often-requested features have arrived!

In this update, we bring to you some exciting new security and convenience features like fingerprint support, hiding of icons and more!

Fingerprint support is here!

PIN and Fingerprint lock in Dark Theme

With many exciting new phones and tablets* supporting fingerprint scanning technology, it is an opportunity for us to let you tap on this feature to improve the security of access to your personal data in Expense IQ.

Now with the new support for fingerprint authentication in Expense IQ, you can simply scan your fingerprint without entering your PIN! More secure yet also more convenient!

Optimized for all themes too!


Note: Your fingerprint has to be registered in the device before the feature is available in Expense IQ.

*please refer to your device's manual if you are unsure whether your device supports fingerprint authentication


Add Expenses directly from the notifications panel

Sometimes you may want to add an expense after just one swipe, especially for the accounts you use the most. Now you can!


In either the account quick popup OR the Edit Account screen, there is a handy new option to pin a notification shortcut for that account to the notifications panel! Tap on the "+" in the notification to add a new transaction directly to the pinned account!

Pro-tip: In the Add New Transaction screen, you can still tap on the account icon to change accounts!

Pro-tip 2: There is no limit to how many accounts you can pin, so pin to your heart's desire.


Hide accounts you no longer use

Tap the "Hide" button to hide accounts you no longer use

Too many accounts? Now you can hide the ones you do not frequently use but still want to keep as a reference.

Simply tap on any account and select the "Hide" option!


To see hidden accounts, go to Accounts, tap on the header and select "Hidden Accounts", tap on the account you want to unhide and tap "Unhide".

Tip: The Hide/Unhide toggle is also available in the Edit Accounts screen, together with the option to hide your account balance from the notification shortcut.


New Redesigned account icons

The account icons also have a new shape to differentiate them from the category icons to easily identify them at a glance. You can still customize the icons as you wish, choosing from the gallery of icons and any custom background color.

Together with this update, a set of unique account icons have also been added with the most commonly used transaction platforms.


On top of these major updates, there are of course various bugfixes and optimizations to improve your experience when using Expense IQ. Do update your app on all your devices to make full use of the new features as well as bugfixes.

Get Expense IQ 2.0.4 on Google Play!